[oak gazebo]

Last winter I was working an area of old oak coppice and we managed to get some reasonably straight bits of oak out ( but not many !) . The result was a couple of oak structures , one being this gazebo . It was all hewn down from the round trunks with axes and adzes , and the mortice and tenon joints have oak pegs to hold them together . The gazebo was to be roofed with cleft oak shingles, but the customers decided to use reclaimed clay tiles to fit in with surrounding buildings. I stopped noting the time taken after 300 hours . The result however is superb .We sold this one to a village near Bicester that has it over an historic well . After we had put it up people remarked that it looked like it had been there for ages.

[hewing an oak beam]

If you want a bespoke oak structure I would be delighted to give you a quote for making it (see 'contact me')

[adzing an oak beam]