We make both hand hewn and sawn beams

[hewn rafters for timber frame]


When timber frame building was the main building method there was a lot of competition for oak from ship building , charcoal burning etc and the carpenters would use small diameter coppice wood for rafters , lintels and braces . As they were hewing the oak down with axes and adzes they didn't want to do any extra work than they had to . This meant that faces of beams that didn't need to be straight ( to accept a joint ) were left with rough edges or with the natural curve of the wood . We can produce oak beams by the same method and the results are stunning with bags of character . Because the process is completely by hand we can keep curves in the beams to produce stunning feature beams .

How are our beams made?

Beams can be made with an adzed or axed finish , the axed finish being slightly rougher than the adzed.

The beams are made to order and although they are very labour intensive , good value . A 6inch square by 8 ft long beam would cost 81 . Please contact us with your individual requirements .

[hewing an oak beam] [adzing an oak beam] [beam making demonstration at the APF] [hand hewn and adzed facing beam] [hewn fireplace surround] [hewing a beam]

thin beam made as a facing to go over a decaying old beam .

Our most common request is for hewn beams for fireplaces


We are able to make sawn beams using our chainsaw mill. We make them to order and as such they will be 'green' so expect them to shrink in the width, and develop cracks as they dry out. The cracks don't effect the strength of the beam.

[sawing a large beam]