Hazel hurdles

[hurdle under construction]


I should have a bit of hazel this winter so there could be some hurdles this year . You are welcome to place orders which will be dealt with in rotation when I get some hazel. If you are desperate for hazel hurdles you can try :-

Rebecca Oaks 01524 781375

Getting enough decent hazel has been a bit of a problem . They will be made to order so you can have any size you want . Anyway there are two types of hurdle the standard hazel hurdle is built on a curved mould and straightens out as it seasons , there is also the continuous wattle fence which is built in situ and can bend round corners and flow up hills , there is also what I call the "Simpson" hurdle which is a hurdle built in a frame with the cleft side of the stick alternating up the hurdle to give a stripey look . The alternating also helps them to stay straight as they season. Oh err thats three types .