Cleft Oak Fencing
Cleft oak is a an incredibly durable and beautiful material . Made from heart of oak that has been cleft (split ) down the fibres of the tree . This keeps the fibres uncut so that water (and hence rot ) cannot get into the fibre end . It is stronger than sawn oak and should last 30 years without any treatment . The process of cleaving and shaving the oak produces strong but irregular pieces of wood that have an almost polished feel to them .The oak itself is obtained as part of the sustainable management of Local woodlands .
There are a number of options with cleft oak fencing from paling type fencing (above left) to gate hurdle fencing or post and rail designs . Each fence is made to order so you can choose what features you want .Oak fencing is not cheap but is probably not as expensive as you think . Especially when you take into account the longevity of the fence and ease of maintenance.